Shared Rental Housing (SRH) by-law proposals

Touches on how licensing landlords and restrictive zoning can damage value of rental properties

Ward 2 Guelph: The Deuce

I am an accessory SRH investor and have owned “student housing” in Guelph for 30 years.

This letter is in follow-up to my August 14th correspondence which also presented my comments to the SRH proposals. That correspondence focused mostly on the proposed licensing recommendations and related potential consequences. The following comments will focus mostly on the proposed zoning by-law changes.

I would prefer the SRH zoning and licensing proposals contained in the August 3rd report be dealt with simultaneously in conjunction with a long-term off campus student housing plan. By deferring the licensing issue to January 2011 & not considering a long-term student housing strategy we risk dealing with the related SRH issues in an uncoordinated, knee-jerk manner.


At the Council meeting on September 7th I suggest that you implement the following:

1) Council use zoning by-laws, not licensing by-laws , to manage SRH. This would include extending full…

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