Licencing Residential Rental Properties

If somebody doesn’t like something, “there ought to be a law” – in this case a licensing law.

Ward 2 Guelph: The Deuce

A resident’s comments.

As a resident of the City of Guelph living in the south end, I am concerned with the large percentage of free-standing residential property being converted to student lodging houses. The rate of conversion has accelerated alarmingly in recent years because of a lack of good investment opportunities for those with excess capital. Residential housing in the university area was not intended for this purpose. These properties were created to house families. This phenomenon is occurring also in several other university towns across the province.

The City of Guelph has proposed a licencing system to regulate rental accommodations. The original concept of licencing was recently put into place in London with several other municipalities following suit (e.g. Kitchener, Mississauga). Licencing is an effective method of regulating this activity. Indeed, the association representing London landlords unsuccessfully attempted to block their bylaw through the courts. We now know that…

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